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Address: Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, 6000, "Kolio Ganchev"
Phone: +359 42 606517, +359 88 871 25 68
E-Mail:  office@dsdbg.com
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The DSD OOD Company was established in 1996. At first DSD OOD was selling only spare parts for East European brand trucks– LIAZ, TATRA, IFA and KAMAZ. Since 1999 it began to sell parts for MERCEDES, MAN, SCANIA, VOLVO, IVECO and DAF. And since 2005 the range of products included also RENAULT TRUCK parts. The Company has an own trade centre and a warehouse that cover 1800 sq. m

DSD OOD deals with import, wholesale and retail trade of spare parts for trucks, buses and trailers. We import from Germany, England, Poland, Italy, Turkey and USA.

DSD OOD is unique on the market as we are an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the Marquart GmbH shock absorbers.

We are official distributor for the following spare parts:

-         Air springs and bellows of Firestone Industrial Products Inc.;

-         Mudguards of Jonesco (Preston) Ltd.;

-         Trucktec Automotive GmbH spare parts;

-         Elements for suspension of Ocap S.p.A. and Sampa Otomotiv Sanayi

-         Brake linings and pads from Idaco Sp. Z o.o.;

-         Brake drums and disks from Fahrzeugbedarf GmbH;

DSD Ltd is a region distributor of “Drouzhba”Co. Ragzrad for cylinder liners, pistons and piston rings.

By us you can find also: Glaser gaskets (Spain), Laso water pumps (Germany) and spare parts for Volvo and Scania of SLP AB (Sweden).


DSD OOD can offer you spare parts for the following brands:


DSD OOD keeps constant availability of over 18, 000 articles in it’s warehouse.


How you can find us.

DSD OOD is located on the circular road of the town of Stara Zagora. See attached photo of the building.

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